Legal Advice

VILAR RIBA LEGAL is the Group’s law firm. It is split into four key areas:

  • Business or corporate law: thanks to our corporate experience we are able to advise customers on all the legal aspects of their business activity, including the setting up of companies, business agreements, company operations, company restructuring and industrial property. We also provide advise about company crisis situations (such as bankrupcy proceedings and shareholder disputes).
  • Litigation and criminal law: our aim is to find the best solution for  customers’ problems. We make an effort to negociate and reach settlements, although we are also quick to respond, rigorous and thorough when the need arises to go to court in ordre to defend our clients’ interests. To that effect we have a team of lawyers who speciliase in business, criminal and private litigation.
  • Private law: Our firm also provides lawyers who specialise in family and inheritance law, private agreements, as well as real estate and property registration law, providing legal advice to individuals.
  • Public Law and urban planning: Public Law is present in all areas related to economy and society (urban planning, licenses, administrative sanctions…). To respond to all matters concerning this area. We have a team of specialised lawyers  with extensive experience.

Besides the branches mentioned above, the firm offers trained and qualified professionals to act as mediators.  Mediation is used to solve disputes without  having to go to court is becoming increasingly more common around the world. When Vilar Riba offers legal advice, it is clearly committed to settling disputes by way of this channel..