Business Consulting

The Business Consulting area focuses on improving the company’s results, taking advantage of new business opportunities, developing the organisation, optimising business processes and facilitating management tools.

We want to become the partner of the companies with which we work. We facilitate the application of our proposals throughout the organisation and throughout the value chain. We provide a strategic and practical vision to satisfy the needs of companies and organisations through our experience and knowledge in various sectors and technological areas.

Our main Consultancy services are grouped in the following areas:

• Management and Strategy: we work in conjunction with and for the Management, collaborating in the assessment of strategies and their implementation in the organisation.

• Organisation,  Processes and People: we design and implement improvements in all areas of the organisation.

• Information Technology: we optimise the use of IT to improve the organisation’s management and processes.

• Management and Control: we implement control tools to support the management of the organisation.

• Operations: we analyse and optimise operating processes (production, logistics, distribution, etc.).